Welcome to Yangzhou Tianle Lake Tourist Resort!
Adult:¥ 180


8:00-17:30  May-September

8:00-17:00  October-April

Maximum Carrying:50000

Maximum Instantaneous:10000



Classic play items

Ferris wheel, bumper cars、

Rainbow slide, horse riding

CS、rafting、water park

Pleasure Valley

theme of leisure and entertainment

Natural and humanistic complement

Water and land imprint each other

Free to play

The clear water is like a mirror

Reflected, like a Baili Gallery

Explore among the green hills

Integrate experience, entertainment

More than 1,000 acres of activity space

Let you play freely

Fully equipped amusement facilities

Let you experience

Children's Project

We look forward to giving you a different surprise

Water Recreation Project

The idyllic rafting of Tianle Lake has always used idyllic scenery as the main rafting line. The river course of more than 300 meters is paved with natural marble, which makes the rafting faster and more exciting.

Interactive experience

Team assembly, parent-child fun

Enthusiasm collision

Give the body once

A release full of fun and excitement

Enjoy the passion of speed

Chasing the breath of freedom

Natural ecological island

Fishing, camping, bonfire party

Let you return to nature and relax your body and mind.

Walking around the lake, walking through it, it's a lot of fun.

Rural Rafting

In the poems and paintings of the blue water and blue sky

Enjoy a unique pastoral

Drifting style

Refreshing and comfortable

Enjoy the cruise ship

The blue waves are vast, clear and clear, and the wind ripples slightly

The aqua sky, the reflection of the strange peaks, and the white clouds softly move with it

Take a cruise, swim in the shape of the lake, swim in the wonderland

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