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Adult: ¥ 208



Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday

Maximum Carrying:1000

Maximum Instantaneous:600




SPA,Children's Pool

28 soaking pools including

More than ten supporting facilities

Tianlehu Spring

From the depths of 2530 meters underground

Natural mineral water that has been brewed

Relieve muscles and pulse, relieve stress

Calmly and Far away

taken from the depth of 2530 meters underground

The temperature of the water outlet is maintained at 55 degrees, and the water output is more than 30 tons per hour.

The hot spring area is well-designed, elegantly laid out and emphasizes taste.

As the theme and set off with ecological gardens

Bathing, health care, catering and accommodation

Business, entertainment and leisure as one

Exquisite design, exquisite and elegant

Enjoy the beauty of the hot spring while relaxing

Dynamic and static

Movement leads to unobstructed qi and blood

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Listen to the sounds of nature, time is melted here

Comfortable health

The hot spring water comes from 2530 meters deep underground. It is natural mineral water, rich in trace elements. Long-term bathing has the six functions of detoxification, treatment of skin diseases, and beauty and moisturizing.

Natural and Charming

28-eye hot spring pool is set in the outdoor gentle slope

Hidden in a dense and dense ecological garden

Landscape Gallery Tianle Lake

Forest Wonderland Health Spring

Good place for leisure travel

Tianle Lake Resort has a variety of leisure projects.

Movie bar, chess and card, billiards, health care, massage, SPA

There are also recreational facilities such as a large swimming pool

Soul Paradise

the source of immortality is far from Dansha

Microwave Waves and Flowing Cong Cong

Outstanding Huaqing Stone Pool

Already immersed in the gold cream

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